Last update of this post:  4 January 2023

Manufacturer:  Saso Kiselkov
Version:  0.52 (Persian Xplane Edition)
File size:  100 MB

Better Pushback

Free Download

The biggest problem with XPlin is the difficulty of working with the default Pushback machine itself, which is solved with this plugin. This plugin has a completely different function than the default Push truck and is much more accurate and easier to operate. First define your path for the plugin (it can be backwards, forwards or both) and then request the track. Depending on the size and type of aircraft, there are different trucks that are sent. Extremely attractive animations and sounds of this plugin, give your simulator a more natural feeling. Also, Persian X Plain in Persian language and with extremely high quality, has made new sounds for this plugin and put it inside so that you can work with this plugin in Persian language and hear Persian sounds.

How to install:
Unzip the file and copy the existing folder to X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins

Persian voice activation tutorial:
While the simulator is running, in the Plugins tab at the top of the screen, enter the Better Pushback section and the settings section and change the plugin language to Chinese.


  • سلام و درود خدمت بزرگواران،
    اعتبار هاست دانلود پرشین ایکس پلین به اتمام رسیده و دیگر فایل ها قابل دانلود نیستند.

    همچنین سایت پرشین ایکس پلین تا تاریخ ۲۵ خرداد ۱۴۰۳ در دسترس بوده و پس از آن برای همیشه از دسترس خارج میشود (به دلیل مشغله کاری زیاد و به دور از دنیای شبیه ساز)

    اما با توجه به درخواست شما عزیزان، ویدیو های یوتیوب و آپارات پرشین ایکس پلین حذف نخواهد شد.
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