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Last update of this post:  4 January 2023

Manufacturer:  Persian Xplane
Basic plugin size:  22 KB
Size of each pack:  54 MB

Iranian Announcements

Announcement, or the words that stewards say in different situations, is part of a stewardess's work procedure, and during the flight we hear them say different things depending on the situation and time. Using this plug-in, which is from A to Z sounds made by Persian Xplane, you can play the stewardess's sounds, which have been prepared according to the rules of Iranian airlines, in Persian in different conditions. Also, to make the sounds more natural, 16 different Iranian airlines have been considered in different packs, as well as 20 different types for each airline.

How to install:

  • Before installing this add-on, be sure to install the Fly With Lua plugin. If you have already installed, you do not need to reinstall, just check your plugin version with the plugin on the site that the latest version is installed for you. Otherwise, make a backup of your scripts in folder X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts, then delete the FlyWithLua folder and download and install the new version.

  • Download the base plugin, unzip it and copy the existing folder to the main path of the simulator.

  • Go to X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\3jCabin-sounds and create a folder with the name of your choice (for example, Sound Packs).

  • Unzip the downloaded packs and put them in the created folder (keep in mind that the plugin can only detect 9 packs, so you can only put 9 packs in the folder)


  • سلام و درود خدمت بزرگواران،
    اعتبار هاست دانلود پرشین ایکس پلین به اتمام رسیده و دیگر فایل ها قابل دانلود نیستند.

    همچنین سایت پرشین ایکس پلین تا تاریخ ۲۵ خرداد ۱۴۰۳ در دسترس بوده و پس از آن برای همیشه از دسترس خارج میشود (به دلیل مشغله کاری زیاد و به دور از دنیای شبیه ساز)

    اما با توجه به درخواست شما عزیزان، ویدیو های یوتیوب و آپارات پرشین ایکس پلین حذف نخواهد شد.
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