Last update of this post:  4 January 2023

Manufacturer:  Persian Xplane
Version:  1
File size:  2.96 GB

X-ATC-Chatter Sound Pack

Free Download

X-ATC is an incredibly attractive plugin to add the sound of ATC conversations to the simulator environment. With this plugin, when you switch on different frequencies, you will hear the sound of each frequency and each geographical area, and a more realistic feeling will be added to your simulator. But in this Persian X-Plane Sand Pack, with the limited resources at its disposal, it has prepared a number of Iranian conversational sounds for this plugin with the highest quality and time possible. All sounds have been checked and corrected and put in the pack with extremely high quality.

How to install:

(This Sound Pack needs to purchase the X-ATC plugin to run) Unzip the file and copy the folder to the main plugin folder.


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