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Why is the content of the Persian version of Persian Xplane different from the English version?

In addition to instructional videos, Persian Xplane site also provides airplane files and cracked plug-ins for Iranian users.

But why cracked files?
To answer this question, Most countries in the world have imposed sanctions on our country, Iran, and Iranians are not allowed to use international payment services. This has made it very difficult and costly for Iranian users to...

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Latest Liveries

Free download of a complete collection of liveries of Iranian airlines that the designers of these liveries have published for free :

Latest Airports

Free download the most accurate (technically) sceneries made for all airports in Iran. In order to increase the accuracy in making these sceneries, satellite images with very high zoom levels have been used, as well as information about the airport, such as the type of flight, different systems of airport lights, the exact coordinates of each object, etc. have been prepared from Iran's AIP.


  • سلام و درود خدمت بزرگواران،
    اعتبار هاست دانلود پرشین ایکس پلین به اتمام رسیده و دیگر فایل ها قابل دانلود نیستند.

    همچنین سایت پرشین ایکس پلین تا تاریخ ۲۵ خرداد ۱۴۰۳ در دسترس بوده و پس از آن برای همیشه از دسترس خارج میشود (به دلیل مشغله کاری زیاد و به دور از دنیای شبیه ساز)

    اما با توجه به درخواست شما عزیزان، ویدیو های یوتیوب و آپارات پرشین ایکس پلین حذف نخواهد شد.
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